Eczema Diet – Foods That Aid The Body In Healing!

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eczema dietFor an eczema diet …“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  (Hippocrates)

eczema diet

eczema diet

eczema diet eczema diet

Unlike most other eczema diet plans out there that will tell you what foods to avoid that act as triggers of outbreaks, this eczema diet plan, instead, stresses the need to eat certain foods that will promote the body’s natural healing processes.

Among the most effective steps to take to be successful in curing eczema, an ideal diet is of utmost importance. The reason eating healthy has a major impact on your eczema natural cure is because nutrient-rich foods are being consumed – foods that have medicinal elements needed for the healing processes and normal functionality of the body (such as cleansing, balancing and re-generation).

If you look at your diet and see that you consume many processed or canned foods, many bad fats, lots of dairy and meats, cooked foods, too much refined sugars and starches and/or not enough fresh raw fruits and veggies, you can be sure your body is not getting the right natural “medicine” it needs to maintain good health or prevent or heal illness.

Most foods that the majority of us eat are processed foods for convenience.   Plus, when we do choose fresh produce we tend to cook them beyond 115 degrees killing all the major enzymes and at least 50% of other vital nutrients.  These foods are devoid of any real nutrition that our bodies need for healing, especially life-giving enzymes.  We fill our bellies up on these empty foods and our body is still starving!  As a result, many of us are so undernourished and our eczema symptoms still persist.

Processed and cooked foods not only hinder our eczema cure, but may be making matters worse.  These foods create toxins in our bodies making our immune system work even harder.  These foods also deplete the energy of our digestive system as it is overworked trying to digest these foods.

A good healthy eczema diet should consist of over 50% of raw foods. The more raw vegan foods in your diet, the closer you will be to an eczema cure because of the tremendous amounts of vitamins, minerals, micro-minerals, enzymes, probiotics, essential fatty acids and more.  Include foods such as raw fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and sea veggies – food that is given to us in nature. You may cook or dehydrate your raw foods to about 105 degrees to keep all nutrients intact.

I know, the mere fact of considering “rabbit food” for the main part of one’s diet may seem repulsive and undesirable for most people.  The idea of living on carrot and celery sticks is unappealing!   Indeed, I thought this way also until I discovered many delectable ways to incorporate raw foods in my diet and really enjoy it.

A person who rarely eats fresh fruits and veggies should not jump right into a raw food diet with both feet! Start slowly (about 50%) and build up to as high a percentage at which you look and feel absolutely wonderful!  Incorporate as much organic raw food as you can —conventional produce has far less nutrients then its organic counterpart.

Eczema and practically every major illness can be cured naturally through proper diet – a cleansing diet. Healthy eating is one of the best natural eczema treatments. An eczema diet will not only help to cure your skin and help maintain its health, it will also help achieve many other health benefits — restoring balance within.

Living Raw Foods

(Learn how to enjoy raw living foods for your eczema diet – Click on the book for more info!)

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