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Eczema Treatment

Natural Eczema Treatment

eczema treatment

eczema treatment

eczema treatment eczema treatment eczema treatment eczema treatment eczema treatment eczema treatment eczema treatment eczema treatment

A natural eczema treatment or cure is really not about topical applications nor is it about the use of pharmaceuticals or OTC medications. And, suffice it to say, if you are in search of a magic lotion or potion for an eczema treatment or cure, you won’t find it here. What you will find, however, is a safe and effective protocol that is long-lasting – That which has worked for the many who were frustrated with all the promises of a cure-all product or even medical advice that held no water.  Essentially, this cure is based on eliminating root causes of eczema. If you are serious about “curing” your eczema once and for all and not satisfied by just treating the symptoms, you should read on.

Many people are choosing to search out more natural cures as opposed to conventional options. If you are looking into a natural eczema treatment, you may have decided that conventional medicines (steroids, antibiotics, or over-the-counter drugs) were not an option for you, safety being the main reason. Or you may have exhausted the conventional approach and are questioning what can be done using an alternative back-to-nature protocol. Some have even found that the uses of many of these synthetic, lab-produced treatments may help for immediate relief of the irritating, unsightly symptoms that impose on your life, however, the chronic issue still lurks in the shadows.

Searching for an alternative to conventional medicine, is not only the smart way to treat and cure your eczema, but is the only way!  Most health practitioners will tell you that there is no cure only because there is no drug or surgery to actually cure eczema. Well, let me tell you that this isn’t so – You WILL find an eczema cure here!!

Eczema Causes: Imbalances Within

Eczema causes are still questionable in the allopathic world. Some doctors will tell you that the cause of eczema is unknown.  Or, some will lean towards genetics and/or allergens to several environmental factors being the culprits.  There is some truth to the latter — these culprits will trigger outbreaks (differing from person to person), but these aren’t the root causes.  The root causes of eczema (or any dis-ease in our bodies, for that matter) boils down to one thing — imbalance in the body!  All skin conditions are a visual sign of an internal condition of acidity!  This natural eczema cure addresses the issue within the body.  Bringing the body back to balance is the only answer.

The healing, of course, will not happen overnight.  There are some eczema natural remedies to utilize that will help alleviate symptomatic discomfort in the meantime and some tips to help discourage flare-ups.  Unlike their conventional counterparts, natural cures for eczema can be very effective and do not have any major side effects.

A few tips among the many to help with eczema treatment and relief include:

  • Avoid dehydration of the skin by using natural oils such as avocado oil or coconut oil after washing
  • Avoid extreme temperatures
  • Wear clothes made of 100% cotton or natural fabrics allowing your skin to breathe
  • Take 10-minute lukewarm oatmeal baths
  • Use only personal products that consist of natural ingredients staying away from chemicals, fragrances and preservatives.

Understanding the need to address this issue of imbalances within the body that are causes of eczema and taking the necessary steps, we, then, will eliminate this condition once and for all!  This is what this eczema natural cure is all about.

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  • Eczema Natural Cures – The Real Cause And Cure! – Would you like to eliminate the chronic condition of eczema instead of chronically and endlessly treating the symptoms?  Are you interested in finding an eczema natural cure that really works?

Disclaimer:  This web site is not intended to diagnose, treat, or provide a second opinion on a health problem or disease. The information posted here is not medical advice and should be taken as personal opinion only.

Information is based on personal experience, web-based research

and testimonial suggestions for a natural eczema treatment and cure.

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Eczema Diet – Foods That Aid The Body In Healing!

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eczema dietFor an eczema diet …“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  (Hippocrates)

eczema diet

eczema diet

eczema diet eczema diet

Unlike most other eczema diet plans out there that will tell you what foods to avoid that act as triggers of outbreaks, this eczema diet plan, instead, stresses the need to eat certain foods that will promote the body’s natural healing processes.

Among the most effective steps to take to be successful in curing eczema, an ideal diet is of utmost importance. The reason eating healthy has a major impact on your eczema natural cure is because nutrient-rich foods are being consumed – foods that have medicinal elements needed for the healing processes and normal functionality of the body (such as cleansing, balancing and re-generation).

If you look at your diet and see that you consume many processed or canned foods, many bad fats, lots of dairy and meats, cooked foods, too much refined sugars and starches and/or not enough fresh raw fruits and veggies, you can be sure your body is not getting the right natural “medicine” it needs to maintain good health or prevent or heal illness.

Most foods that the majority of us eat are processed foods for convenience.   Plus, when we do choose fresh produce we tend to cook them beyond 115 degrees killing all the major enzymes and at least 50% of other vital nutrients.  These foods are devoid of any real nutrition that our bodies need for healing, especially life-giving enzymes.  We fill our bellies up on these empty foods and our body is still starving!  As a result, many of us are so undernourished and our eczema symptoms still persist.

Processed and cooked foods not only hinder our eczema cure, but may be making matters worse.  These foods create toxins in our bodies making our immune system work even harder.  These foods also deplete the energy of our digestive system as it is overworked trying to digest these foods.

A good healthy eczema diet should consist of over 50% of raw foods. The more raw vegan foods in your diet, the closer you will be to an eczema cure because of the tremendous amounts of vitamins, minerals, micro-minerals, enzymes, probiotics, essential fatty acids and more.  Include foods such as raw fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and sea veggies – food that is given to us in nature. You may cook or dehydrate your raw foods to about 105 degrees to keep all nutrients intact.

I know, the mere fact of considering “rabbit food” for the main part of one’s diet may seem repulsive and undesirable for most people.  The idea of living on carrot and celery sticks is unappealing!   Indeed, I thought this way also until I discovered many delectable ways to incorporate raw foods in my diet and really enjoy it.

A person who rarely eats fresh fruits and veggies should not jump right into a raw food diet with both feet! Start slowly (about 50%) and build up to as high a percentage at which you look and feel absolutely wonderful!  Incorporate as much organic raw food as you can —conventional produce has far less nutrients then its organic counterpart.

Eczema and practically every major illness can be cured naturally through proper diet – a cleansing diet. Healthy eating is one of the best natural eczema treatments. An eczema diet will not only help to cure your skin and help maintain its health, it will also help achieve many other health benefits — restoring balance within.

Living Raw Foods

(Learn how to enjoy raw living foods for your eczema diet – Click on the book for more info!)

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Cleansing Diet – One of the Natural Cures for Eczema

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~ Have you found that no matter which herbal or natural ointment, cream or other topical treatment that you’ve tried, your eczema condition still exists?

~ Even though these treatments have offered you relief of some nature, have you found recurrences of outbreaks?

Well, you might have to delve a little bit deeper inside the body in your cure for eczema!

A highly advisable tool for an eczema natural cure is to detoxify the body of the many toxins it has been exposed to through a cleansing diet.  The accumulation of toxins over the years has most likely hindered your healing thus far.  Body cleanses and detox programs are, indeed, highly suggested for complete healing.  Without doing this, you will continue to have issues no matter what you do or try!

I have heard many people say that body detoxification programs are a big scam — that our body provides natural detox functionality every minute of the day.  This is true, but when we have disease and illness, this is our body telling us that it is overworked and cannot handle the normal functions of cleansing itself and needs a boost!

First things first — if you are using steroid prescription ointments, you should tell your doctor that you want to discontinue their use!  The steroids in the ointments are adding fuel to the fire, so to speak.  They are not helping to cure but, instead, making matters worse.  These ointments may help initially soothe the irritating conditions, but don’t get too comfortable with them because the longer you use them, the flare ups and symptoms will become worse and worse through time.  Your body grows immune to them and stronger steroids will have to be administered until they no longer offer any relief.  The main negative aspect is that these conventional medicines are toxic to the body, which makes our eczema matters worse!

All skin conditions are a visual sign of imbalance within the body.  Certain organs or tissues are stressed and their functionality is compromised.  The liver, kidneys, colon and skin are organs of elimination.  The skin’s function is to excrete wastes such as salts, ammonia, urea and uric acids.   However, if the liver, kidneys and/or colon are overwhelmed with work, usually the skin tries to take up the slack by releasing more waste than it can handle.  Skin conditions such as eczema are a sign that the skin is stressed by having to do more work than usual.

So what is causing the elimination organs to be stressed and overworked?  Toxins and free radicals which hinder efficient self-healing! How to aid the body?  By utilizing a natural detox through a cleansing diet!!

Detoxifying cleanses will ensure:

  • The energy levels are at adequate levels to repair damaged skin
  • Nutrients will be more readily absorbed by the body for healing
  • Your immune system will become stronger.
  • Effeciency of the natural functions of all elimination organs are restored
  • There are many more advantages that you will experience with well-being!

Many natural body cleansing protocols are available.  Good wholesome food choices will initiate cleansing of toxins that make the body acidic, which, in turn, produces eczema outbreaks.  Try to choose a good cleansing diet for optimal effectiveness.

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Eczema Natural Supplementation

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ist1_9077109-algae-in-the-ocean-floorI cannot stress enough the importance of giving your body the tools of nutrition for healing eczema naturally!

Food is our natural God-given medicine. This means to make sure you are eating a plethora of food that is rich in nutrients in it’s pure and raw state. But, sometimes this is not always feasible.

Many life-sustaining micro-nutrients and trace elements are lacking in our daily foods because of overworked soils.  Plus, out of convenience, we tend to eat too many processed, canned and heated foods devoid of any real nutrients leaving our bodies starving — starving for nutrition. It is becoming suggestible that we go beyond our dependency of land-based sources of nutrition from food and look to the oceans as well for optimal nutrients. Jacques Cousteau once stated, “The future of Nutrition is found in the ocean.” It is vital to ensure your nutrient intake is at optimal levels daily by supplementing your diet!

The idea of taking isolated vitamins or rock-based minerals is not very favorable.  In fact, many well-informed nutritionists oppose most of the multivitamin and mineral supplements due to potential harmful effects of these synthetically manufactured products.  However, what I will highly suggest when it comes to an eczema natural cure is one amazing food supplement that will give your body all the nutrients it needs for healing! — Marine Phytoplankton. It is indicated through scientific research that Marine Phytoplankton just may be the most essential food on our planet!

Marine Phytoplankton is a wonderfully powerful ocean food that has helped in the self-healing of people suffering with eczema.  (Some of them being severe cases that cleared eczema up in about a week!)  It is considered the “basis of the world’s entire food chain.”  For billions of years, this amazing ocean food has supported virtually all the living creatures of the ocean. It has a very unique medley of life supporting and sustaining nutrients, is why.

We now have the option of supplementing our diet with Marine Phytoplankton.  Let’s see why treating eczema naturally with this food from the ocean can have a very strong positive impact on an eczema natural cure and what it supplies the body in the form of nutrients for self-healing….

Not Another Supplement!

What’s the big deal about Marine Phytoplankton? What sets it apart from all other supplements? A world-renowned, Harvard-educated doctor, who has treated thousands of terminally ill patients, speaks on marine phytoplankton — that out of all of the products he has ever seen during his medical practice …… “This is the most exciting product I have come across. It contains almost everything necessary to sustain life and build healthy new cells. When you give the body everything it needs to produce trillions of healthy new cells then you get well.”

Have you noticed that with so many supplements out in the marketplace, some may have positive effects for certain people and may not work as well for others?  The reasoning behind this is that the body requires ALL of the raw nutrients and crucial elements to be present at the same time in order to heal itself! Marine Phytoplankton is the “the world’s only complete superfood” that supplies the body with virtually all of the raw components in near perfect proportions that is necessary for a body to heal!

Another characteristic that makes this natural supplement so unique and so very effective is that marine phytoplankton is composed of single cells that will actually bypass digestion and the liver.  When consumed, it goes directly to the body’s cells and starts its job. Which means that it is 100% bio-available in the body!  This is why significant results are seen so quickly! Compared to many supplements that may take weeks or even months, results may start to be felt within days of taking marine phytoplankton!

What does set Marine Phytoplankton apart from other supplements is that it contains almost 70 nutritional raw components and some amazing and healing attributes.  Included in these are:

  • All 9 amino acids that our bodies can’t produce
  • Essential fatty acids – Omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9
  • Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D
  • All 93 Key minerals and trace elements that our body utilizes
  • Rare anti-oxidants
  • Phospholipids
  • Electrolytes
  • Glyconutrients
  • Chlorophyll
  • Nucleic acids
  • Enzymes and co-enzymes
  • Carries an electrical frequency that works with the intelligence of the body
  • pH of 8 – 8.5
  • Increases oxygen levels in the blood
  • Enables cellular regeneration
  • and so on …….

Marine Phytoplankton is truly a very amazing supplemental food!

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David Wolfe, the raw food/superfood guru, speaks on the benefits of Marine Phytoplankton:

If you are considering getting all of the nutrients you need, I will tell you of the best choice for a Marine Phytoplankton product.  It is still in its raw state (not processed), is the most concentrated and has no additives:  Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton.

Ocean's Alive Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton

(From the makers:)

“This unique super-nutrient from the ocean provides the body with an increase in residual energy that builds up significantly when it is ingested on a daily basis. With its abundance of naturally produced vitamins, minerals and original life force (absorbed directly from the Sun), everyone that partakes will enjoy a ‘whole body’ inner strength that they have never experienced before.

A team of European doctors, microbiologists and botanists spent many years and millions of dollars researching 40,000 species of marine phytoplankton in the ocean to determine the best species in each category to use for bio-fuel, aqua culture, exotic fish food and ultimately human consumption. Only four species of Marine Phytoplankton were found to be beneficial for human consumption and based on nutritional profiles, one species was super beneficial and was the single species chosen for production.

As a result of this extensive research, technologically advanced commercial facilities have now been developed and constructed to produce marine phytoplankton in large volume using sophisticated bio-reactors. The bio-reactors consist of extensive glass tubing interconnected in a horizontal grid the size of a football field. A ‘Spring Bloom’ environment is created that allows natural photosynthesis to occur using sunlight to grow the marine phytoplankton bio-mass. The purified sea water solution in which the marine phytoplankton grows ensures that there are no other species contaminating the bio-mass. This method produces a pure ‘Beyond Organic’ super concentrated nutrient.

Once the bio-mass reaches maturity, it is then harvested into a powerful centrifuge that spins the water out from around the cells but leaves the water within the cells protecting the valuable life energy. The centrifuged bio-mass has the consistency of thick peanut butter.

To create the ‘Oceans Alive’ liquid nutrient combination, the live marine phytoplankton bio-mass is transferred from the centrifuge and immediately blended into an ‘ocean derived’ concentrated ionic trace mineral solution. This concentrated solution is highly beneficial to human health as it contains more than 90 ionic and trace minerals and is produced using a natural evaporation process employing the sun and the wind which eliminates 93% of the sodium.

This purified ocean water concentrate has the power to preserve the marine phytoplankton in suspended animation, protecting the original life energy, allowing it to be bottled and stored at room temperature with no deterioration. The live blend is finally potentized energetically with its own frequency to maximize the nutritional life force!

People that experience Oceans Alive are known to enjoy enhanced brain function, improved immune function, antiviral/antifungal/antibacterial effects, improved cellular repair, radiation protection, cancer protection, detoxification support, anti-inflammatory support, antioxidant support, improved circulation, improved heart function, allergy/asthma relief and a residual ‘grounding energy’ overall. There are hundreds of references in text books detailing the vast array of human health benefits gained through the consumption of marine phytoplankton.

The intense chlorophyll content in Oceans Alive also increases oxygen uptake and higher oxygen uptake means more fuel to muscles, which translates to improved performance and endurance. With the smallest nano-particulate size of all micro algae’s, Oceans Alive delivers vital life energy at the DNA/Mitochondria level and also penetrates the blood/brain barrier feeding the higher master glands located deep in the brain stimulating significant mental clarity.

Oceans Alive is an original, live, whole, concentrated raw food requiring no refrigeration and comes packaged in 1 oz. cobalt blue glass bottles with droppers for easy dispensing.

Oceans Alive Liquid Marine Phytoplankton provides powerful nutrition allowing people to invest in their health and get a bountiful return on their investment.”

Some of the benefits people have reported from using Marine Phytoplankton are:

A gentle yet powerful energy that builds residually day by day

  • Whole body homeostasis
  • A gentle yet powerful energy that builds residually day by day
  • Assist to regulate blood sugar naturally
  • Eyesight improvement and increased strength
  • Skin appears more vibrant and younger
  • Calming of the mind and body with enhanced meditation
  • Speeds the recovery from illness and disease
  • Relieves symptoms of heartburn
  • Memory improvement
  • Instant trace mineral gratification with 92 macro and trace minerals
  • Assists to strengthen the immune, nervous, and endocrine system
  • Antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial
  • Helps defend against radiation
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory & antioxidant qualities
  • Improves circulation & heart function
  • Allergy & asthma relief
  • Essential fatty acids – Omega 3, 6, 7, 9

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Beat Eczema – An All Natural Cure (e-Book You Can Download NOW!)

Monday, December 07th, 2009 | Author:

Beat Eczema NOW!

The Best Eczema Natural Cure!

You already know what it feels like to have red swollen skin. You already know what it feels like to have the most intense itching you could ever feel. You already know how embarrassing it can be to go out into public. You even know what it feels like to scratch so hard that you bleed afterward.

Hopefully you found this site before your eczema turned severe. Severe eczema sufferers know an even greater pain. Their skin has become so dry and sensitive that something as simple as drying off with a towel can cause bleeding. The uncontrollable scratching rips off layers of skin leaving a scabbed and unsightly body.

Eczema sufferers also become prone to bacterial and viral infections. These infections can bring on a whole host of new and difficult problems. Not to mention that they are still dealing with eczema as well.

My ultimate goal is to empower you. You can be in charge. You can put the embarrassment behind you. You can put the itching behind you. You can have beautiful skin every day.

An Eczema Cure Is Just One Click Away!

PS: If you have eczema, you need this guide. Even if your eczema hasn’t become severe, it is still an irritating disease. You owe it to yourself to eliminate this disease once and for all.

Beat Eczema - An Eczema Natural Cure!

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Testimony For An Eczema Natural Cure

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scale balancing I recently received a letter (email) from a dear friend of mine who basically showed me the “holistic light.”  I consider her my holistic mentor and a Godsend for guiding me in the only promising direction to finding what true healing was all about.

I had told her that I was sharing my healing protocol with other eczema sufferers through the World Wide Web so they may have hope and know that there really IS a cure and freedom from this awful skin condition.  She wanted to share her experience in her eczema natural cure so that she may help others, too.

Hence, her letter to me as a testimony for her holistic eczema cure:

January 2010

My dearest friend,

When my girls were babies, they wore cloth diapers. The girls are only 13 months apart so I dealt with washing diapers on a daily basis for over 2 years. There was clorox in my diaperpail. My kitchen floor was very light and I could see the dirtiness there for my babies to be playing … I mopped it daily, again, clorox … needed to kill all those germs! With this regime, it didn’t take long to wreck the health of the skin on my hands. They blistered, dried, pealed, cracked; and itched; some mornings I woke in bloody sheets where I’d clawed the skin off during the night.

Typical allopathic, I used cortizone creams, took steroids … the whole gammot. Later in life a friend told me about soaking in cold salt water. Honestly, that did as much good as the creams. While watching TV at night, I put my hands in a bowl of cold salt water, changing the water if it heated up. I found that when in blister stage, my hands must have had a fever and the water would warm up rapidly. (Today, I’d tell people to use PURE water and sea salt).

In the late fall of 2005, finding myself with NO digestion whatsoever. God hit me in the head with His holistic-sledge hammer and my game was ON.

My condition was liver dysfunction. I was on a 4 week schedule for Hulda Clark liver flushing. After the first few, I noticed that my hands cleared up just after the flush. The more I flushed, the good days expanded. It got to the point where I would have blisters just the last few days before a flush. It got to a point of 25 good days and break-out the last 3 days. At that point, I stopped progressing.

My Master Herbalist had lead poisoning and a really gross case of eczema with it. His skin was literally falling off of his feet and legs. I wrote and asked MH what he’d done. He introduced me to a Dr. Christopher tonic called simply: Itch. I immediately bought 3 bottles.  I never used the 3rd bottle; I gave it away. I haven’t had a single break out from a 30 year bought of eczema in 2 1/2-3 years; something that had been a daily battle in my life for 30 yrs.

Is liver flushing or Itch a magic bullet for eczema? No, Ma’am. I was transitioning into a holistic lifestyle from the first liver flush. [My] holistic lifestyle looks much like what you’ve put on your site, but I’ll repeat:

Dis-ease is anything that shows up as illness. It is the symptom of the root cause of all illness, ACIDOSIS, the accumulation of acid ash in the body. The main cause of this condition is our foods … there are other contributing factors.

The way to reverse acidosis is to STOP doing what has made you ill by changing your diet, your personal care products and household cleaning products to ones that do NOT contribute to acidosis and start doing things that give the body good building blocks of nutrition while at the same time doing cleansing that will help the body to clear the acid ash out of the body. NONE of this is done over night. It’s an ongoing process of making better choices………..

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